Dalmia Group of companies are existing in the business since 1930,s with unstinting efforts towards quality and credibility. The Group has achieved many milestones with various business interest and far sightedness.


We are Proud to Announce that We are a "TRACE CERTIFIED COMPANY"


The Group has its offices in most of the states being run by most competent staff, total staff strength of more than 50 + employees across different regions making it one of the successful and strong business group With our strength, experience and mission to provide better sales and service support to India, we have emerged as market leader in varied fields of modern day business.

We are into manufacturing and distributing of Various products of Multinationals

We are reputable solution provider in Security Market including NBC and EOD.  


We take "Security" as one of the thrust areas in India and supported by the Govt of India. We proud to be the channel partner of Esmart Holding, singapore which are the world leader in security and digital surveillance and wireless intrusion systems with the turn over of more than USD 20 million. Our transportation and Security division is handling all  kinds of products like :

  • GSM  based vehicle tracking from Netstar South Africa

  • GPS vehicle tracking for Police and Civilians 

  • Container scanners for Indian Ports 

  • Perimeter Security from Israel 

  • Wireless network & surveillance radios and camera from Ubiquity Inc 

  • Riot control equipment and from Israel

  • NBC products from World leading Suppliers/manufacturers like Sunghan Corporation South Korea, Mestel Italy, Thermofihser USA etc

  • Camouflage equipment & products from our own indigenous technology

  • Sniper Suit with Thermal Signature 

  • Working towards Future Infantry Soldier System

  • Optical video scope/fibrescope

We have a well established Distributor and Dealer Network all across India, Covering Delhi, Rajasthan, Greater Punjab - (Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir), Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra, Tamil Naidu,and other southern states .


We are supplying to Indian MOD, Para Military Forces and State Police

Some of the companies of the group are –

Company: Almighty Techserv
ALmighty Techserv is part of reputed Dalmia Group in India specialising in security equipment and Hreat Containment Equipment supplying to Police and Para Military Forces in India. This is the group company which provide
complete solution for  Security/ Bomb Disposal/ Threat Containmen to the Govt. of India and private corporate.

They are proud to represent Multinational Companies in the filed like
  • ESI Canada - Robots for EOD DIsposal
  • IT Concepts USA- Bomb Detection Equipment
  • Divisus Russia - for Perimeter Security Intrusion Detection System
  • TBV Technoconsult- Bomb Detection systems and Diffusal Systems, Bomb Suits
  • Mistral Security Israel - Bomb Containment Vessel
  • Almighty Techserv Pvt. Ltd. - Camouflaging Systems 
  • Searchwise Uk- For Range of NDT Equipment 
  • Mistral for NBC Masks
  • NBC Chemical Detector from USA
and host of other companies leaders in their field 

The company is also involved into providing technical and after sales support for the various products imported by Dalmia Group with its service centres at different and strategically important towns in India catering to a large geographical area, with a staff strength of engineers and technicians.

Company: Aditya Secure Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier of security equipment to Police and Indian Forces and Hiigh security registration number plates  and High tech stolen vehicle recovery devices.
The  new company has entered into High Security Licence Plate business and fast growing activities in the similar field.Further the company has entered into a strategic tie up with the world leaders in South Africa for "Stolen Vehicle Recovery Devices" based on RF technology..

Further the Company provides gamut of Security Services and Hardware's for Todays Unpredictable world . We provide complete Wireless Surveillance and Security solutions from Households to Corporate to Govt.

Company :Dalmia Estates
Product : Real Estate Development and Financing Activities.
The Company have been engaged in the business of Real Estate Development and Financing Activities. The Promoters and their teams of the Associated Group have the relevant professional, educational and business backgrounds with a rigorous work experience of over 25 years.
Location: Mumbai

Company: Vedika Overseas

Product:  Garment Manufacturing Unit for both Civil and Defence
Profile:   manufacturing plant in India with 100 sewing machines making complete Garment from cutting to sewing to finishing .
Location: Haryana

We are apt for a local partner who has experience in local manufacturing /liasioning with Govt authorities/ also for Defence offsets as required by Govt of India with local value addition of 30% minimum and as result lt knows what their clients wants, who their competitors are and who has knowledge about the political, social and economical situation..

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